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Fred moved to the current home over 20 years ago and had a good idea of exactly what he wanted to build at the bottom of the garden. The end of the garden backs onto playing fields so no birdroom was ever going to be near to anyone’s bedroom window. The breeding room is 30ft long x 16ft wide with all the modern facilities needed.

The building is of brick construction with block on the inside with a cavity wall. The roof is comparatively high which provides a comfortable environment for the birds, good ventilation and pleasant surroundings for all the hours that are spent in the birdroom – every day.

The breeding room is tiled throughout which makes for easy cleaning.

The birdroom initially had two 18ft long outside flights attached to the front of the main building. These are not used these days. One of the flights has been converted into two large, fully tiled, inside stock flights. The other outside flight is now used for birds other than Budgerigars – Owls, Canaries and British Finches.

Inside the main birdroom there are 58 breeding cages with outside nest-boxes.

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