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Exporting birds can be a bit of a mystery, and it’s extremely time-consuming, sorting the procedures. If it’s possible to export birds into your country, he will always be pleased to help you. The first step is for you to contact your local ministry of agriculture to see if you can import and check any quarantine arrangements for birds entering your country.

Once you know you can import, he will be pleased to guide you through the export processes. The first lesson is that it is not easy, its time consuming and there are costs involved – especially sending birds by air.

He is not in a position to offer advice about exports and arrange exports for Budgerigars purchased from other fanciers. Under the regulations, the breeder and owner of the birds MUST be the exporter of the birds and it’s not possible to export birds purchased from other fanciers. Advice of this nature needs to be addressed to professional exporters of livestock.

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