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Interested in Budgerigars – where do I start?

  • Read everything you can get your hands on – Cage & Aviary Birds, a weekly newspaper type publication; and interrogate the internet
  • Join a local club – information from Cage & Aviary Birds editorial office
  • Visit a local fancier – more if you can manage it
  • Ask questions about a set-up, where to buy birds and where the local clubs might be. Look at how other fanciers manage their birds. Always be prepared to listen but process the information and apply it to your situation
  • Make sure you understand what you are doing before you build anything or start spending money on birds or equipment.

How expensive is it going to be to make a real start?

  • It’s not going to cost a lot of money to make a start in a modest way? Second-hand equipment is always available locally, and three or four pairs of birds will not cost a fortune. It’s always a good idea to start with something a little better than pet quality birds in the first instance, learn how to breed birds first before you invest in the better quality birds that will breed show quality stock.
  • It is only expensive, if you spend lots of money unwisely and have to start again after a year or two.

What should I look to have achieved within the first two years?

  • That is something that you should decide. During the first year you should at least breed a few birds. During the second year you need to establish if you wish to take the exhibition route – and show your youngsters – or if you are interested in just breeding, breeding for colour or even just want to breed birds to sell to those who want to keep a pet bird.

Which clubs should I join and which shows should I visit?

  • Join a local cage bird society and/or a local Budgerigar specialist club
  • The Budgerigar Society is a must for a serious fancier who wishes to show Budgerigars
  • The country is divided into 10 regions or areas. For each of these areas are Area Societies. Details are available on the Budgerigar Society website www.budgerigarsociety.com
  • All clubs and societies will hold shows. Visit any bird show that you can possibly attend. Look at the birds and talk to fanciers. It’s where you will be able to make contacts.
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