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There has always been a personal mission to see others enjoy Budgerigars and if it’s the aim to breed birds for the show bench – make sure other fanciers do as well as possible with them. It’s so important that people get the right help and advice at an early stage. Too much wrong advice in the early days is a total disaster and is one of the major reasons why so many people walk away from the fancy during the first couple of years with birds.

Help and advice is always available by phone or by e-mail. One of the best ways to learn about Budgerigars properly is to visit a successful breeding room, and see how it’s done. It’s a big mistake to invest too much money, and effort, too quickly before you know what you are doing. Serious visitors are welcome by appointment to look at the birds, chat about the fancy and plan for the future.

Fred is always happy to take a fancier “under his wing” and look after them for a few years. However, they need to be keen and committed to do well with their Budgerigars. If you decide you really want to do well – he will be happy to help you!

Fred is always happy to offer advice of a general nature if any fancier has a problem with their birds or an individual bird. However, veterinary advice is NOT available and these problems should be addressed to a local vet who has a good working knowledge of birds.

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